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GIMME MONEY! We’re too fat and lazy to work so we blame obesity.

ObesityMorning all,

I just read the most amazing story over at Diet Blog - to wit:

…I’ve been too sick to work, too tired to work, and I’ll be honest, way too hung over to work, but NEVER would I be so ballsy or stupid enough to say, "I’m too fat to work."

A family of four in the United Kingdom, weighing a grand total of 83 stones or 1,162 pounds, says their obesity is a hereditary condition, leaving them unable to work and the $32,278.20 they receive in social assistance isn’t enough to live on. They want more!…MORE….

Good Lord, can you believe that??

I researched around a bit more, and found more articles about this family:

In all honesty, this is very very VERY sad. 

Obesity is a very real problem….but it’s no excuse to GIVE UP trying to get healthy.

One of my absolute favorite resources for turning AWAY from obesity is Richard Simmons.  You remember him, right?  The perky guy from General Hospital who is a national icon for fitness and exercise?  Perhaps this will give your memory a reminder:

Vintage General Hospital

Sweatin to the OldiesAnywhos, Richard Simmons has this utterly magnificent video/DVD set out called Sweatin’ to the Oldies.  I remember it VIVIDLY because when I tried it out 50 pounds ago, that was the first (the very first!) time I had danced in over a decade. 

Wow, it was tremendous indeed!

I never forgot it to this day.

Richard Simmons also runs a superb support site too over at the Richard Simmons Community.  I was a member there for a year  - it’s one of the warmest, most accepting dieting sites I’ve encountered.  I highly recommend it!

Want other obesity resources?  Check out:

Those sites can be useful too.

Oh, and if you want Richard Simmons at a discount, have you seen:

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Remember - YOU control your life….your weight DOESN’T.  There IS a difference.


Barbara Ling

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Posted on : Mar 25 2009
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