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OMG NEWSFLASH!!! Slimshots, can you believe…

Slim ShotsMorning!

So there I was yesterday at the YMCA, getting in my cardio workout (I’ve just started going back to the gym with the husband - I normally work out at home, but figured this would be great spousal time as well).  I joyfully bounded onto the Precor Elliptical, turned on the TV (Discovery Channel rocks!) and waited patiently for How It’s Made.

Imagine my dismay when instead I saw:


My first reaction:

OMG, did you catch the disclaimer? 

"Cartoon Dramatization, Results Not Typical
Real people require Diet and Exercise to lose body fat."

I would have choked on my coffee if I had that beverage of the Gods next to me.  OMG, if you’re a real person…you need to (gasp!) diet and exercise TOO!

I. Cannot.  Believe.  People.  Actually.  Fall.  For.  This.

Talk about selling the dream!!

Basically, Slimshots is an appetite suppressent.  Thing is, their ingredients are somewhat, ahem, unique?

From their own page, it reads a "Proprietary blend of:

  • Palm Oil
  • Oat Oil
  • Water

And that’s going to suppress your appetite?

When I read that this morning, my mind was afire!

"Jeepers Self," I cried, "I can get those ingredients on my own!  Let’s see what they’re used for!"

Off to the Internet I dashed!  And from the American Palm Oil Company, I read:

5. What are the uses of Palm oil?

Palm oil may be used in a variety of ways. Trans free uses of palm oil are shortenings, margarine, puff pastry margarine, frying, and vanspati.

There are also a variety of non-food uses of palm oil and palm kernel oil such as soaps, candles, rubber processing, cosmetic products, fuel for cars with modified engines, and as a substitute for diesel oil for drilling mud…MORE….

What?  No mention of appetite suppressing?  Golly, but look!  there’s that line "fuel for cars with modified engines!" 

And after all, our bodies are our own, ummmm, Engines of Life! 

Yes!  That’s the ticket!

And oat oil!  What about oat oil, I hear you plea?

...The extract contains a significant proportion of active phytochemicals, and is rich in phospholipids and glycolipids (polar lipids). Also, it is free of trans-fatty acids, but rich in unsaturated fatty acids. According to the company, it helps to stabilize emulsions due to the high content of antioxidants including Vitamin E.

In addition to its stabilization properties, the extract also possesses emollient capabilities. In skin care, the extract hydrates and moisturizes. Crude oat oil possesses a noticeably higher level of antioxidants, reportedly exceeding the antioxidant level of every major oilseed, grain or grain by-product with the exception of wheat germ….MORE…

In other words, oil oil is used in cosmetics and helps make your skin soft.

Hmmmm, soft.

Soft so the weight, ummmm, Falls Off!



Peoples, losing weight is not about appetite suppressing.  It’s not about taking the easy way out.  It’s about eating smarter, exercising regularly, and honoring yourself and your body as you deserve.

Instead of wasting your money with diet pills/supressents/etc. that don’t work, instead consider common-sense ways to smoosh down your desire to eat like:

  • Drink lots of water.  Yes, yes, I know, sounds too easy, right?  I’m living proof it can work. 
  • Eat fiber-rich foods.  Fiber is (get this!) bulk.  Bulk makes you feel fuller.  You can find a great list over ‘em over at the Mayo Clinic.
  • Exercise.  Two benefits here - one, you burn calories, and two, your mind is taken off of your phantom hunger.

More tips can be found at:

In closing, do NOT give into Buying The Dream and spending money on something that you can achieve by your own personal self. 

You can lose the weight you need naturally…without giving the diet pill pushers more money to burn.  It’s simply a matter of turning the key in your mind…and realizing that yes indeed, you’re worth it.



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Posted on : Mar 12 2009
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  1. Robin Bonnema on 12.03.2009 at 10:06 (Reply)

    Barbara, and all who read this blog. I work for Slim Shots and while your blog is mildly amusing it is representative of a little knowledge being a dangerous and unfortunate thing. Here are the facts: Slim Shots active ingredient, Fabuless(TM), took a $13 billion global company 10 years to research and develop. That’s right, 10 Years. It has been CLINICALLY SHOWN to SUPRESS the appetite up to 30% - effective day 1. More important, those clinical trials have been PEER REVIEWED and PUBLISHED in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBESITY. This is no light-weight achievement. Those evaluating the clinical trials do not google ingredients for definitions or presume to understand the complexities of the human body - they are esteemed, tenured scientists. Yes, the product’s active ingredients are oat and palm oil in a water based emulsion. It is precisely these fats that suppress the appetite by creating satiety - that feeling of fullness and satisfaction. The emulsion is not merely blobs of oil in water - so you cannot simply simply swallow some oil to garner the same effect. The compound (the combination of ingredients) is so revolutionary that it is Patented; with the oat oil encapsulating (coating) the palm oil so that it is not digested in the stomach, but in the Ileum (that’s the upper portion of the lower intestine). It is here that the message you are full is sent to your brain. There are times, Barbara, when words do harm - and your jibes and attempt at humor is no laughing matter when 6 in 10 adults are overweight or obese. Our country is seeing a huge increase in illnesses related to being overweight - diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on. Yes, the commercial states that real people need to diet and exercise and that results are not typical. These statements are required by law because some companies are less than scrupulous and because people have forgotten to do their due diligence; to recognize that, while tools are available to assist them in their efforts, they, too, have a responsibility to eat healthier and exercise more. Finally, your comment about losing weight not being about suppressing the appetite is preposterous. A 2-year HARVARD STUDY released just last week showed that weight loss is absolutely about calorie reduction - and not the diet composition. If you took the time to read that study, you would find that participants had to reduce their daily caloric intake by 750 calories - and that doing so required EXTENSIVE behavorioral modification counseling. Long and short is - they could have used a diet aid like SLIM Shots to help them over and through the hunger pangs that go with such a dramatic reduction or counseling. Not everyone has access to such services or can even afford it. But at about a $1 a day, they can use an appetite suppressant tool like SLIM Shots to help them through the calorie reduction. And that, my friend, is fact.

    1. admin on 12.03.2009 at 11:36 (Reply)

      Hi Robin,

      Thank you for taking the time to write your comment! I\’d love see the specific published entry to which you refer:

      \”It has been CLINICALLY SHOWN to SUPRESS the appetite up to 30% - effective day 1. More important, those clinical trials have been PEER REVIEWED and PUBLISHED in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBESITY.\”

      And I\’m just a wee bit leery of anything pharmaceutical-related - witness what the WSJ had to say.

      A New Low in Drug Research: 21 Fabricated Studies

      I agree about the dangers of obesity - you can network at

      Obesity Discussion
      Obesity Help
      3 Fat Chicks

      to see what has worked for others.

      Appetite suppression is NOT the cure for obesity. A life-style change IS.

      As always, I encourage anyone to RESEARCH research research FIRST.


  2. julie (1 comments.) on 24.03.2009 at 13:40 (Reply)

    The first thing this scientist noticed is that the commenter from Slimshots didn’t link to the journal article. I will google it myself, after I read the WSJ article. Also, while using all caps may catch one’s attention, they don’t even mention any mechanisms or effects here other than satiety from oil.

    1. admin on 28.03.2009 at 19:30 (Reply)

      Did you find out anything useful?

      Thanks for stopping by, Barbara

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