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Hell Froze Over II - ‘Cleansing’ diets lure celebs, but not health experts

Scam ProofMorning,

You know, the following just warms the cockles of my heart:

….For years, cleansing diets and detox plans have been in the spotlight, fueled by stories of  celebrities who followed these strict regimens to lose weight quickly for a movie or an awards show….

The plans are supposed to remove chemical and dietary toxins from the body. But weight-loss experts have long been skeptical about the claims, saying there is no scientific evidence such programs do a better job than the body’s own organs. They also say many of the plans are deficient in protein and other nutrients….MORE…

Wouldn’t it be peachy to the max if the world actually came to realize that dieting is BIG BUSINESS with a capital B…and scamsters will say/write/hype ANYTHING to make a buck?

Oh, to dream of a world in which the One True Way to Losing Weight was adhered to like superglue….that of taking in LESS calories than you expend.

‘course, human nature being what it is, that would assume people are aliens from another planet (and hence not prey to the desire for a shortcut with zero energy expenditure.  :(  )  Just look at what’s available this moment on eBay regarding detox:

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And that ain’t happening soon, alas.


Remember, you own the keys to your own weight loss…and once you turn that key in your mind that you are WORTH it and beyond, your path will become clear.  You won’t go ON a diet, instead, you’ll change your lifestyle (and be glad you did).

I should know - 50 pounds minus later and two years, I’ve kept the weight off and am doing peachy.  And if I can do it…anyone can.  And you can take THAT to the bank.


Barbara Ling

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Posted on : Mar 26 2009
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  1. [email protected] (1 comments.) on 28.03.2009 at 16:34 (Reply)

    I’m doing the same thing you did. The best part about it (besides the results) is that you don’t have to *buy* anything. :)

    1. admin on 28.03.2009 at 19:29 (Reply)

      So very true indeed!

      Thanks for stopping by, Barbara

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