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Diet Brainery » » FINALLY! Probe launched into Acai Berry scam diet products

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FINALLY! Probe launched into Acai Berry scam diet products

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Berry scamMorning all,

Oh, the joys the suffuse my very being!

Well, actually, at this precise moment (1:27am), that’s not exactly true - I’m awake right now because I’m massively sick with a sore throat and inflammation-runoff that could dissolve concrete piers.  And what better cure for that than to blog!

Thus, there I was, moseying around Google News, when I came across:

Probe launched into Acai diet products!

… It’s the latest weight loss craze hitting the Internet. While the proper pronunciation of this Brazilian berry is in dispute, health experts agree, it doesn’t work, and Connecticut’s attorney general has launched an investigation.

We’re talking about Acai berry. Take a look at the junk mail folder in your e-mail and there is probably an e-mail, or several e-mails, from companies selling this stuff. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says it is not beneficial to your physical health and could be dangerous to your financial well-being…..

… Soon after signing up for a free trial, M. Chanel Pinkett started to receive more pills and get charged for them. She was billed more than $200 in three weeks and couldn’t stop it….MORE….

Finally!  Sanity has prevailed!

Kinda sorta, that is.  Other news articles include:

This is a perfect example of the cashing in on the Want To Believe (not to mention, scamming peoples bigtime!).  And it won’t end anytime soon - look today at what’s on eBay:

Acai Berry


Diet Pills

and ….heck, the above is enough.


Remember, the only way to really lose weight AND keep it off is to enjoy (yes, enjoy) a lifestyle change in which you turn the key in your mind and embrace wellness.  That way, you can never go OFF a diet…because you’re never ON a diet.  Instead, you’re simply eating smart and exercising wisely.

‘Nuff said.


Barbara Ling

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Posted on : Mar 24 2009
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