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Eat This, Not That Diet Book Commentary and Review

Eat This Not thatHave you ever heard of the book by the editor of Men’s Health Magazine - Eat This, Not That! ?

If not, did you know there are over 400 positive reviews of it at Amazon.com ?

I was rather intrigued by this and so researched further.  The reviews ranged between:

…There are 2 sections that I found helpful that was not available online - the drink section and the menu interpretations. I love coffee and beer. I can drink the occasional coffee and I cheat sometimes with beer. Upon reading the page about beer, it turns out my beloved Samuel Adams is listed under "Not that" and it highly recommends Beck’s Light.

My favorite section of the book is the menu interpretations. We won’t always be going to KFC, Subway, Chili’s, etc and Dave knows this. He has listed sample menus from your run-of-the-mill taqueria, steakhouse, bbq joint, even sushiya! In each menu, it tells you what to eat and what to avoid!!…


Flipped through the book, would never buy it! Choices between bad and worse? This man seems to know little about health and really losing weight. A good tip here and there does not make up for what is lacking. Just one example, does he mention the danger of all the growth hormones in meat and milk products that can contribute to obesity?

Hmmm, my….those are two extremes indeed!

"Eat This, Not That" deals with the idea that IF you are going to eat out instead of dining on luscious beef-bone with chili pepper soup (my homecooked favorite!), there are "healthier" (read: lower calorie) choices for a vast majority of delightful fast-foodness.  For example:

  • At Burger King, eat a Whopper Jr. w/o mayo, with a Garden Salad, instead of a Big Fish Sandwich with Tartar Sauce and a medium fries.
  • Or at Chili’s, eat a Sizzle and Spice Firecracker Tilapia instead of a  Citrus Fire Chicke and Shrimp Fajita.

This is a good book to keep in your glove compartment for a quick-reference to calorie counts of restaurant foods; the handiness and convenience of it make it worth purchasing.  You can read all the reviews HERE.

And if you’re looking for other kinds of counters like carb counters, check out:

Of course, you can always be smart too and just ditch the carb-intensive or calorie-intensive parts of your foods too, like the hamburger bun, the fries and the like.  Smart eating - it’s a Good Thing Indeed.

Want to get Eat This, Not That at a discount?  Sometimes eBay has it like so:

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Eating well is smart…and so is saving money.  :)


Barbara Ling

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Posted on : Mar 16 2009
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