GIMME MONEY! We’re too fat and lazy to work so we blame obesity.

ObesityMorning all,

I just read the most amazing story over at Diet Blog - to wit:

…I’ve been too sick to work, too tired to work, and I’ll be honest, way too hung over to work, but NEVER would I be so ballsy or stupid enough to say, "I’m too fat to work."

A family of four in the United Kingdom, weighing a grand total of 83 stones or 1,162 pounds, says their obesity is a hereditary condition, leaving them unable to work and the $32,278.20 they receive in social assistance isn’t enough to live on. They want more!…MORE….

Good Lord, can you believe that??

I researched around a bit more, and found more articles about this family: Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 25 2009
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