The ART of Frugal Weight Loss and Dieting


Ever have an insane urge to save money while living on a healthy lifestyle?

You’re not alone!  Check out some of these great frugal dieting posts:

My own personal frugal dieting tips are quite common-place: Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 28 2009
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The Magnificent Kindness Diet

Helping HandsHave you ever just wanted to hug your family and your kids because they’re just so wonderful it brings tears to your eyes?

Now, true, this is a diet blog site….but let me tell you, today my kids outdid themselves in utter kindness to Mom.

It all happened when I made the mistake of opening the closet of my sons (in their single digits).  Apparently, for the bit of a brief history of time, they decided that ‘cleaning the room’ meant

"Shoving everything inedible, edible and anywhere in between into the closet and hoping Mom didn’t open it."

Well!  Today I rather inanely checked out their room, and realized that Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 08 2009
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Shunning the EVIL bathroom weight scale

Shun the Evil ScaleDid you know that bathroom scales are perfect items for controlled demolition?

Yes indeed, I’m serious.  ‘Matter of fact, when I well into my weight loss journey, I would have joyfully flung my scale out the Empire State Building simply to test gravity; that was about the only use I could image!

Why is this, I hear you ask?

Because weight loss scales are EEEEEEVIL!

Yes indeed, weight loss bathroom scales are the agonizing invention of the very pits of sulfurous doom!

Think about it.

You’re more than fat, right?  Your body has muscles and bones, right?

Well, scales don’t care about that!  They’ll tell you just how much you weigh, water weight and all!  Heck, I could drink a gallon of water and immediately INCREASE my weight 2.2 pounds…but after it happily departs my body, those 2.2 pounds will be as though they never existed.

But…if I had weighed myself after drinking, just think how depressed I’d be!

SCALES ARE EVIL.  SCALES ARE MORE devastating to weight loss than 73 pounds of utterly delectable white chocolate covered macadamia nuts!

And I’m not the only person who has come to this rather common-sense observation.  Check out these postings: Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 07 2009
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