OMG NEWSFLASH!!! Slimshots, can you believe…

Slim ShotsMorning!

So there I was yesterday at the YMCA, getting in my cardio workout (I’ve just started going back to the gym with the husband - I normally work out at home, but figured this would be great spousal time as well).  I joyfully bounded onto the Precor Elliptical, turned on the TV (Discovery Channel rocks!) and waited patiently for How It’s Made.

Imagine my dismay when instead I saw: Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 12 2009
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What Diet Pill Pushers DON’T Want You To Know

Diet Pill Scam!Morning!

So…have you ever heard of diet pills?  You know, those miracle thingees that make the sun shine brighter and the rain wash cleaner and the air smell fresher and oh yes, helps you drop big bleeping amounts of weight?

Did you know they’re all a scam?

Sad, alas, but true. 

Diet pills are one of the ultimate tools of "selling the dream".  It seems like everyone can be tempted by a quick fix, as evidenced by what you currently see on eBay:

But the fact is - it’s ALL a scam.  Every single bit of it. Acia berries, hoodia thingees, detox pills, you name it….it’s a scam.


Because of plain simple common sense, of course!  Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 05 2009
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