Coconut Oil Rocks, not ONLY as lowcarb weight loss help

Coconut oil!Morning,

Today I read over at Jimmy’s blog this great article:

‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Episode 239: Could Taking Coconut Oil Be A Dietary Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease?


…In Episode 240 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are privileged to hear from Dr. Mary Newport who I first found out about after reading this St. Petersburg Times story about how feeding her husband coconut oil greatly IMPROVED his Alzheimer’s. It was such an extraordinary story that I just HAD to book her for an interview to tell this remarkable story to my listeners. She correctly identifies the glucose connection to Alzheimer’s disease which is now becoming well-known as Type 3 diabetes, how ketone bodies are the preferred fuel for brain function, and why medium chain triglycerides (MTCs) found in coconut oil are a miracle for her husband’s condition. This is one of the most stunning personal testimonies of how a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet can dramatically improve health. You can’t help but be a believer after listening to Dr. Newport gush about her husband Steve is overcoming his tremors, regain cognitive function, and DEFEATING his Alzheimer’s….MORE….

It’s definitely worth your time to check out! Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 31 2009
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The ART of Frugal Weight Loss and Dieting


Ever have an insane urge to save money while living on a healthy lifestyle?

You’re not alone!  Check out some of these great frugal dieting posts:

My own personal frugal dieting tips are quite common-place: Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 28 2009
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Hell Froze Over II - ‘Cleansing’ diets lure celebs, but not health experts

Scam ProofMorning,

You know, the following just warms the cockles of my heart:

….For years, cleansing diets and detox plans have been in the spotlight, fueled by stories of  celebrities who followed these strict regimens to lose weight quickly for a movie or an awards show….

The plans are supposed to remove chemical and dietary toxins from the body. But weight-loss experts have long been skeptical about the claims, saying there is no scientific evidence such programs do a better job than the body’s own organs. They also say many of the plans are deficient in protein and other nutrients….MORE…

Wouldn’t it be peachy to the max if Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 26 2009
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GIMME MONEY! We’re too fat and lazy to work so we blame obesity.

ObesityMorning all,

I just read the most amazing story over at Diet Blog - to wit:

…I’ve been too sick to work, too tired to work, and I’ll be honest, way too hung over to work, but NEVER would I be so ballsy or stupid enough to say, "I’m too fat to work."

A family of four in the United Kingdom, weighing a grand total of 83 stones or 1,162 pounds, says their obesity is a hereditary condition, leaving them unable to work and the $32,278.20 they receive in social assistance isn’t enough to live on. They want more!…MORE….

Good Lord, can you believe that??

I researched around a bit more, and found more articles about this family: Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 25 2009
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FINALLY! Probe launched into Acai Berry scam diet products

Berry scamMorning all,

Oh, the joys the suffuse my very being!

Well, actually, at this precise moment (1:27am), that’s not exactly true - I’m awake right now because I’m massively sick with a sore throat and inflammation-runoff that could dissolve concrete piers.  And what better cure for that than to blog!

Thus, there I was, moseying around Google News, when I came across:

Probe launched into Acai diet products!

… It’s the latest weight loss craze hitting the Internet. While the proper pronunciation of this Brazilian berry is in dispute, health experts agree, it doesn’t work, and Connecticut’s attorney general has launched an investigation.

We’re talking about Acai berry. Take a look at the junk mail folder in your e-mail and there is probably an e-mail, or several e-mails, from companies selling this stuff. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says it is not beneficial to your physical health and could be dangerous to your financial well-being…..

… Soon after signing up for a free trial, M. Chanel Pinkett started to receive more pills and get charged for them. She was billed more than $200 in three weeks and couldn’t stop it….MORE….

Finally!  Sanity has prevailed! Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 24 2009
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The scam of colon cleansers, colonics, and zapping your rear with electricity


It happens.

And it *really* happens when all those scammers want to part you from your hard-earned money by trying to sell you on colon cleansers!

To this day, I simply cannot believe how marketers have managed to get an entire population segment to believe that what works perfectly fine (their bowels) really need an artificial boost to "cleanse out the ickness" that resides there.

It truly staggers the mind! Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 20 2009
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Biggest Loser Funniest Moments

Biggest LoserMorning!

Do you adore watching The Biggest Loser?  You’re most likely not alone (given the bazillions of YouTube videos out there)….so I found the following for you.  enjoy!

Biggest Loser 5 - Funniest Moments

Biggest Loser 7 - Bob’s Freakout Extended

Gotta admit - Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 18 2009
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Eat This, Not That Diet Book Commentary and Review

Eat This Not thatHave you ever heard of the book by the editor of Men’s Health Magazine - Eat This, Not That! ?

If not, did you know there are over 400 positive reviews of it at ?

I was rather intrigued by this and so researched further.  The reviews ranged between: Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 16 2009
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Anti-Aging Fountain of Youth For Other People Via Your Money!


I just came across this most excellent post by the most excellet Diet Blog: about how resveratrol, the ever-popular phytoalexin that is produced naturally by several plants when under attack by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi.

But of course everyone knows that.

Oh, and it’s also in the skin of red grapes too!  And red grapes….why, that’s used for red whine!  Bingo!  Red wine is GOOD for you!

Still with me?  Okay, onto the article: Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 15 2009
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OMG NEWSFLASH!!! Slimshots, can you believe…

Slim ShotsMorning!

So there I was yesterday at the YMCA, getting in my cardio workout (I’ve just started going back to the gym with the husband - I normally work out at home, but figured this would be great spousal time as well).  I joyfully bounded onto the Precor Elliptical, turned on the TV (Discovery Channel rocks!) and waited patiently for How It’s Made.

Imagine my dismay when instead I saw: Read more »

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Posted on : Mar 12 2009
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