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Diet Brainery » » Anti-Aging Fountain of Youth For Other People Via Your Money!

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Anti-Aging Fountain of Youth For Other People Via Your Money!

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I just came across this most excellent post by the most excellet Diet Blog: about how resveratrol, the ever-popular phytoalexin that is produced naturally by several plants when under attack by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi.

But of course everyone knows that.

Oh, and it’s also in the skin of red grapes too!  And red grapes….why, that’s used for red whine!  Bingo!  Red wine is GOOD for you!

Still with me?  Okay, onto the article:

…It was hard to ignore the headlines a couple of years ago. Newswires were replete with suggestions that resveratrol could boost health and lengthen life. Read beyond the headlines a bit though and you realize that this is only good news if you are a middle aged, overweight mouse. Still, the results were dramatic - mice given resveratrol became much healthier and lived about 25% longer than the mice who didn’t get resveratrol (Nature, 2006).

….Sounds impressive, but there are some eensy, weensie details that we need to consider before we run to the liquor store or supplement shops.

  • The longer lived mice received the equivalent of 20 bottles of wine/day worth of resveratrol.

  • Last year the researchers who published the 2006 study conducted another study on normal weight, middle aged mice that showed no difference in longevity (Cell Metabolism, 2008). Curiously this study did not make any headlines. It should be noted, however that there were positive health differences in the resveratrol group.

  • No human trials to date have been conducted on the effects of resveratrol and aging. There are 2 reasons for this, according to Bharar Aggarwal, a University of Texas researcher.

1. Cost - it would be very expensive to provide resveratrol to human subjects.

2. Companies that control the supply of resveratrol aren’t making it available to researchers because they are looking to haul in big bucks by turning into a drug ….MORE….


This whole idea flings back to "Selling the Dream"…thereby making a Fountain of Youth for the manufacturers of whatever snake-oil the smashed red grape skins evolves into.

Wanna bet there’s already anti-aging thingees out there on the market?  Tons of ‘em!  I’ll get to those shortly, but first, want to share my experiences.

I’m a 40-something mom who has a plethora of children (plus 2 mooses and 12 TwitterBudgies).  Back in 2006, I got sick of being 177+ pounds on a 5.3" frame, and decided to change my lifestyle.

50 pounds lighter, I can say…that’s the first thing that helped.   To lose the weight, I chose to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle…thus USING what the gods had given me to get around on this earth.  ie….

USE your body and it tones up.

Next, I started making certain I drank enough water - while I cannot definitely SAY it helps keep my skin supple, it doesn’t appear to detract from it!  Plus, my morning pint of water does seem to kick-start my metabolism into moving (which again, is a Good Thing indeed).

But what about physical tips?  I started going grey 3 years ago and decided (then) that I’d never color my hair - I had earned every stripe of silver!

Then of course, I wrote The Safe and Smart Internet Weight Loss Edge and realized, "Jeepers Barb, folks tend to buy more from people without grey!"  Sad to say, but there it is.   Since I like making money (and have no problems admitting that), I started coloring my hair.  ‘course, nobody in my family noticed.  Wah. 

Anywhos, there’s a whole slew of anti-aging tips online.  Here are some I found most useful:

Now, let’s say that you have an insane desire to, well, spend money.  You can get your anti-aging products at a discount at, to wit:

Please click here to continue your search.

and of course, you can’t forget eBay goodies too!

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In closing, whenever you see something hawked as a cure-all for something that is unstoppable (as is aging)….always look with an askance eye indeed.  Your wallet will thank you for it.


Barbara Ling

ps - and if you’re still researching dieting, check out:

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Posted on : Mar 15 2009
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